Welcoming your new kitty

Ten things to help your new best friend to know he is home!

  • Find a quiet space
    • The move to a new environment can be intimidating, especially in homes with children. A simple solution when possible is a quiet room away from the hustle and bustle of the daily activities in your home.
  • Provide a hiding space
    • Your new kitty will likely want to hide away from all the newness.
    • A cat house, cave like condo, or even the carrier he came home in will allow him solitude while he adjusts.
  • Fresh food and water daily
    • Feed your new baby the same food he has been eating. Dry food or wet, provide a small amount, fresh twice daily. close to their hiding place. Do not attempt a food change during this adaption time.
  • A bit of catnip may help
    • A catnip toy in the hiding place is comforting to some cats.
  • Toys and scratching post
    • Your new kitten may enjoy something to play with when he is begins to feel comfortable
  •  Litter pan
    • Keep the litter pan clean. A clean litter pan is is not just healthy sanitation. Cats enjoy a fresh place to visit just as we also enjoy freshness.
  • Visit your kitten frequently
    • They respond to soft voices and reassuring sounds just as we do. Frequent visits will let them know you are trustworthy.
  • Allow them to explore at their own pace
    • Let them learn the new smells. After a few days, they will learn the new scents of their new home and be ready to explore.
  • Introduce other family members slowly.
    •  Cats are solitary creatures. Too much activity will make them nervous, so please allow them time to adjust to a busy environment
  • Patience, patience, patience, …

Kinda obvious is it not? The key word is patience. Slow and easy does it and your new baby will quickly learn to love its new forever home and its new forever family. Take your time and many years of joyful companionship will be yours to cherish.

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