Silver Persian Cats & Golden Persian Cats

Magdeline of Cats of Persia

A Shaded Silver Persian Cat


Ramayana Magdeline of Cats of Persia
Shaded Silver Persian Cat Female Breeder


Sarah Lovely of Cats of Persia

A Shaded Golden Persian Cat


Ramayana Sarah Lovely of Cats of Persia
Shaded Golden Persian Cat Female Breeder

 Cats of Persia is a boutique cattery located in Plano Texas near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Cats of Persia specializes in Silver Persian kittens and Golden Persian kittens.

For Silver Persian Kittens and Golden Persian Kittens for sale in Plano, Texas, go to

Please click below to view Cats of Persia’s Persian Kittens for Sale in 2016.

Thank you for visiting Cats of Persia, a boutique cattery in North Texas specializing in magnificent silver Persian kittens and golden Persian kittens. To follow the progress of our Persian kittens for sale, please visit our weekly update page at

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