Golden Persian Cats and Kittens

Golden Persian Cats: The Bentley of Persian Cats

Golden Persian cats and Golden Persian kittens are also gentle, loving, and beautiful. While color and conformation are the defining characteristics of the breed, Golden Persian cats and kittens do seem to gravitate toward a quiet, sophisticated demeanor. One could readily equate Golden Persian cats to be the Bentleys of the Persian cat world.

 Golden Persian cats with green eyes can be a strikingly beautiful combination of complementary opposites. They have not only the sweet Persian face and soft voice, but those big green eyes against a gorgeous backdrop of golden yellow will make all but the most callous stop dead in their tracks to admire the grace and beauty of these green–eyed golden Persian cats.


Dam to Allie Clover
Shaded Golden Persian Cat


Golden Persian Cat Characteristics

Chinchilla Golden Persian cats exhibit a pale honey to bright apricot undercoat and a lightly tipped-in-black coat on its head, back, tail, and flanks. The black tipping may be prominent enough on the tail and legs to give a slight shaded effect. Their coat on the stomach, chest, chin, and ear tuft will be lighter than the undercoat and evenly dilute while their lips, nose, and eyes will be lined with black leather. Chinchilla Golden Persian display green or blue-green eyes with black paw pads and brick red or rose red nose leather. Any eye color other than green or blue-green is not be acceptable according to the standards of the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) for Chinchilla Golden Persians cats.


Ramayana Sarah Lovely of Cats of Persia
Sarah is one of Cats of Persia’s first shaded golden Persian cats.

Shaded Golden Persian cats show prominent black tipping creating a shaded effect down its sides, face, and tail eventually giving way to a pale honey or bright apricot undercoat on their chin, chest, stomach, and under side of the tail. Shaded Golden Persian cats are typically darker than chinchilla cats while the eyes, lips, and noses have similar lining in black with brick red or rose red nose leather. Shaded Golden Persians will also have green or green blue eyes with other colors again not acceptable to the CFA.


Shaded Golden Persian Cat Male Breeder
Ramayana Mischief
Sire to Sarah Lovely



Cats of Persia is a registered CFA cattery specializing in Golden and Silver Persian Kittens. Cats of Persia is located in Plano, Texas, the heart of the North Texas Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and is only 25 minutes from Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

Please email to inquire about our available Golden Persian Cats and Kittens. 

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