Champion Persians: Amber – Our Chinchilla Golden Persian Cat is a Premier Champion

What makes a Persian Cat Champion?

The Story of Amber, a Champion Premier

Shaded Golden Persian Cat

If a picture is truly worth a thousand word, then please enjoy this four-thousand word picture story of Amber, our champion premier shaded golden Persian cat female. Amber is a retired breeder and now lives the luxurious life of residence in the master suite. The master suite is reserved for Persian cats who have served us well.


CP Stardazl Amber of Cats of Persia
Shaded Golden Persian Cat Retired

Champion Shaded Golden Persian Cat Amber at a Show


Champion Amber Romance allowing the Judge to see her beautiful eyes.

Champion Shaded Golden Persian Cat Amber showing her profile


Amber showing off

Amber getting just a bit bored with all the attention.


Champion Premier Amber of Cats of Persia
Shaded Golden Persian Cat Breeder Retired

We hope you enjoyed  visiting Cats of Persia and viewing our beautiful shaded golden Persian cat, Amber. Please feel free to visit our available Persian kittens for sale at Thank you for being a member of our extended Persian kitten family.

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