The Cats of Persia Story

Aja – My First True Love

My adventure with Persian cats actually started with a rescued Siamese over 26 years ago. She was my first cat and I named her Aja. A friend of mine found her in a parking lot and brought her to me while I was taking a bath. I did not know she was here so when I got out, Aja came in my bathroom and I thought she was a rat. Scared me to death. She was full of fleas and so very dirty. Next day took her to the vet. After a  really good bath and fleas removal, Aja looked gorgeous. I still see her beautiful blue eyes.


My First Cat

Time passed so quickly – we went along, then one day Aja got sick. I took her to the vet straight away, but they told me she had kidney disease and would live only a short time. They gave me subcutaneous IV fluids to take home for Aja. She was feeling great after the vet. We went along for five years. then another episode – got IV fluids – perked up and everything was fine. The same amount of time she got fluids everything was fine. Now remember she was only to live a few months. Aja was ten by now.

I traveled for a living and would take her with me. Aja didn’t like the bag I had to put her in but better than being at home by herself. When we would check in to the hotels no one could believe that I could tell her to set in the chair and not move. She knew the drill. Aja was so smart. She loved the hotel room because she could sit on the furniture.

We traveled together – ate together – slept together. Just before her fifteenth birthday, Aja got very sick and didn’t pull out this time. I was devastated. We had fifteen  years together. That’s a very long time. Those were fifteen wonderful years we shared. Writing this story was very – very hard, but … Aja’s at peace now and I’m at peace for her.

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