Persian Kittens: Don’t Buy One Until You’ve Read This!

Investing in a Persian Cat? The Indispensable Guide to Purchasing a Persian Kitten!  A few Things you MUST know when looking for your new Persian Kitten! Download this free guide now …  AFTER INVESTING in a Persian cat or Persian kitten, you are destined to fall in love with one of God’s most wonderful four-legged creatures. It is imperative […]

The Cats of Persia Story

How this Persian Cat Cattery Came to Be! Persian Cats became my love affair when …. Did you know that silver and golden Persians are not only beautiful, exquisite and rare … but their soft voices, love, and grace will enchant you? I loved them so much, that at one time I cared for 12 […]

Golden Persian Cats and Kittens

Golden Persian Cats: The Bentley of Persian Cats Golden Persian cats and Golden Persian kittens are also gentle, loving, and beautiful. While color and conformation are the defining characteristics of the breed, Golden Persian cats and kittens do seem to gravitate toward a quiet, sophisticated demeanor. One could readily equate Golden Persian cats to be […]

Silver Persian Cats and Kittens

Silver Persian Cats: The Rolls Royce of Persian Cats Silver Persian cats and Silver Persian kittens are gentle, loving, and exquisitely beautiful.  Silver Persian cats are considered to be the Rolls Royce of the Persian cat world. Persian cats, with their sweet faces, soft voices, and their big beautiful round eyes are the most popular cats in […]