2015 Persian Kittens

November/December FEATURED Golden Persian Kitten

Sir Charles of Cats of Persia comes from a long line of Champion and Grand Champion CFA registered Golden Persians cats.

Regal, playful, sweet, gentle, loving, and quiet, Charles loves to be petted and is easy to groom. He will be a wonderful companion in any loving home.


Charles of Cats of Persia is six months old on November 24, 2015. He is not only regal, but very loving and gentle.


Sir Charels of Cats of Persia on October 1, 2015. Charles is available to go to his new forever home .

Cats of Persia Charles is one of the sweetest gentlest kittens we have ever had the privilege of raising. He is absolutely as loving as he is handsome.



Cats of Persia Charles on Oct. 1, 2015.

Cats of Persia Charles on Oct. 1, 2015.


Chanler of Cats of Persia, a shaded golden Persian kitten, went to his new forever home Saturday, Dec. 20.


Cateline of Cats of Persia, a shaded golden Persian kitten will be 11 weeks at Christmas


Beautiful and sweet, Cats of Persia Cateline, a shaded golden Persian kitten, is the last of Sarah’s available kittens.


Cats of Persia Cateline – a shaded golden Persian female kitten born October 9


Cats of Persia Cateline says MERRY CHRISTMAS You All!


Cats of Persia Cateline says MERRY CHRISTMAS You All!


Cats of Persia Cateline, sweet and beautiful princess, went to her special new forever home Sun






Chanler is a handsome shaded golden Persian male





Shaded Golden Persian Kitten Male – just in time for Christmas







Cats of Persia Jules is a handsome shaded Golden Persian male kitten. He will be mature and social enough to travel to her new home the week of Christmas.


Hello world. My name is Jules. I am a jewel of a shaded Golden Persian kitten and I am available to go to my forever home the week of Christmas.


Aren’t I handsome. My name is Chanler. I am a shaded golden male Persian kitten born October 9th and am just now five weeks old. I will be old enough to travel to my new home the week of Christmas.







WOW!!! Six New Persian Kittens – born October 9, 2014

They are so cute!



Sarah Lovely of Cats of Persia gave birth to these six precious Persian kittens on October 9, 2014. Don’t know boys from girls just yet – but very happy they are all healthy and eating well. Look carefully – there really are six kittens all keeping each other toasty warm and Queen Sarah very busy!

Allie Clover queened these kittens on August 21. They will be going to their new homes in early November.


Shaded silver Persian kittens at a tender 5 days old.  Born August 21



Shaded silver Persian kittens. Born August 21



Shaded Silver Persian Kitten at Two Weeks. Born August 21



Shaded Silver Persian Kitten.
Female at 4 weeks. Born August 21


Two shaded silver Persian Kittens discovering their new world. Born August 21



Shaded Silver Persian Kittens at play. Born August 21


Darius and Allie Clover’s Shaded Silver Persian Kittens at 8 weeks of age, born on August 21, 2014. They are very playful, loving and gentle. They will be available to go to their new homes the first week of November.


This is Darius and Aliie’s shaded silver Persian male kitten born August 21 at 8 weeks of age.


Princess Madison of Cats of Persia. A shaded silver Persian female kitten born August 21.



THREE ways to follow new baby Persian kittens progress …


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Cats of Persia is a boutique cattery conveniently located in Plano Texas just north of Dallas in the Dallas–Fort Worth region of North Texas. Cats of Persia cattery is about 25 miles from the Love Field airport in Dallas Texas, about 25 miles from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in Irving Texas, and approximately the same distance from Denton Texas.


Cats of Persia specializes in Silver Persian Kittens and Golden Persian Kittens. These Persian kittens are bred from champion and grand champion Persian heritages. My cats and kittens not only very beautiful, but are so sweet and loving, many returning adoptive parents simply want a Cats of Persia Persian.


My kittens are available after three months of age and are always litter trained, weaned, healthy, and very loving and social. Cats of Persia kittens are not only used to human company, they prefer it, loving to be adored and petted. Many have also integrated into families with canine companion. My Persians cats and kittens are quite simply the sweetest and best companions you will find – anywhere!


Available Persian cats and kittens vary during the breeding season and are for sale by adoption only. Please contact Katherine for availability at:

Telephone: 214.644.1900

Email katherine@catsofpersia.com.

Be certain state your preference of kitten, older kitten, young adult, retired breeder, silver Persian, or golden Persian, male, female, or as several have said, “I just want a Cats of Persia Persian”.

Thank you for visiting Cats of Persia and becoming a member of our extended Persian cat and Persian kitten family!

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